In our customers’ service since 2014

A decade of brand collaboration

Digital Marketing

We handle content creation, design development, campaign strategy, audience engagement, and more.

Paid Advertising

We strategically plan campaigns to reach the right target audience at the right time, aiming to achieve our desired goals.

Creative Designing

We have been developing unique content and design strategies tailored for different customer segments.

Brand Consulting

As we implement strategies, the market reacts accordingly. Our goal is to ensure the brand gets what it deserves.

10 Years of Collaboration

Our journey with Malar Brand Rice is a perfect example to the power of strategic long term collaboration. As the branding partner, we have not just been strengthening the brand presence but also in shaping the very essence of the brand. This association spans over 10 fruitful years, seamlessly executing branding works that include banners, hoardings, vehicle designs, retail signages, audio advertisements, animations, digital marketing, and various traditional marketing strategies. We invite you to explore the essence of our collaboration, the depth of our scope of work, and what it takes to sustain a long-term business relationship by having a direct discussion with us.

what makes us different

Results Driven Branding Partner

360° Coordination

We reach out to the sales team, retail channel partners, corporate retail collaborators, designers, printers, voice-over specialists, event managers, and more.

Content Development

Words that resonate with the audience weaves the story of Malar. Through engaging social media content, we strive to create a personal and emotional connect with the audience.

Creative Designing

Every image and design element reflects the brand's identity. Our designs are more than just visuals; they're a visual language carefully crafted to create better brand recall.

Brand Strategies

Our goal is not just to meet market expectations but to set new standards, positioning Malar as a forerunner in the rice industry.

Potential Opportunities

We don't just keep an eye on opportunities; we actively explore them. We ensure that the opportunities are transformed into the strategic move forward.

Ethics & Transparency

We believe in fostering open communication and ensuring our clients understand the reality of every situation. We uphold our commitment to honesty.

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